A Message from our President, Marty Padilla

Finding and hiring top corporate executives is one of the most important and cost-sensitive decisions your company can make. Your executive management team will decide the future of your company and make your most critical business decisions. Having the right people in place is the key to success in most businesses, so no matter how the business climate evolves; your company will be more likely to do better than competitors with less-qualified executives.

Executive Recruiting Team (ERT) is committed to helping you find executive-level talent in the most cost-effective way possible. Whether you are looking to hire a CEO or a senior corporate-level executive, ERT's personal and time-tested approach will work to locate the best candidates with the expertise your company requires.

On the surface, our executive search process resembles that of others. However, new clients soon discover that the ERT experience is different. We form close relationships with our clients to better understand the nature of their business, their particular culture, and their strategic goals. Today, our clients want faster results, as time is critical to them. Speed, however, must never take precedence over quality, fit, and knowledge of the industry.

Give us the opportunity to introduce our company and to discuss how our approach can help you meet your corporate objectives. We promise to listen to your concerns and to deliver the results you seek. Our goal is to ensure that the value you receive from ERT always exceeds your costs.

We look forward to working together with you.



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